About CCA

Crossroads Christian Academy serves grades K4-12. We primarily use Abeka Christian School materials, in traditional classroom settings, with elementary, middle, and high school teachers who hold qualified degrees and have strong Christian character and a passion to guide students to realize their God-given potential.

Crossroads Christian Academy is an NCNT (08) registered school, serving families in Portage and Summit counties.

Our programs and activities provide opportunities for students to deepen their spiritual growth and connect with others in the community. From chapel services to mission trips and service projects, students at CCA are encouraged to put their faith into action.

We also believe that an affordable education should be accessible to families from all backgrounds. That’s why we offer low tuition and scholarship opportunities to help make private education attainable for everyone.

Whether you are a current student, parent, alumni, or simply interested in our school, we invite you to connect with us and be a part of our community.

Our Focus & Community

Holistic Education

The community at CCA is committed to providing students with a well-rounded education that addresses their intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. This holistic approach helps students to develop into well-rounded individuals who are equipped to serve and lead in their communities and in the world.

Family-Like Atmosphere

Smaller class sizes and a low student to teacher ratio creates a close-knit and family-like atmosphere. This allows for strong relationships to form between students, teachers, and families and provides a supportive environment where students can feel comfortable and confident as they grow and learn.

Service-Oriented Culture

Service to others is a key component of the Christian faith, and this value is emphasized in the CCA community. Opportunities for service and outreach are built into the school’s programs and curriculum, providing students with the chance to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Christ-centered Fellowship

Our shared faith is a cornerstone of the CCA community. This creates a strong bond among students, teachers, and families, and provides a supportive and uplifting environment where individuals can grow in their faith.