Our Teachers

At Central Christian Academy, we believe that our teachers are more than just educators – they are mentors, role models, and spiritual leaders for our students. Our dedicated and passionate faculty is committed to providing a rigorous and nurturing educational experience rooted in our Christian faith. We are proud to introduce you to the individuals who are making a positive impact on the lives of our students every day.

Abigail Bachman - Principal

Abigail is entering her third year of teaching and second year as principal at the school. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, she is committed to furthering her education by pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. This year, Abigail will be instructing 6th and 7th grade students and has a particular passion for teaching Math and reading. She is eager to contribute to the growth of the school and is dedicated to helping her students reach their full potential both mentally and academically.

Adi Stamatis - Math and Language, 2nd-5th Grade

Adi is entering her second year of teaching at CCA, where she is the Math, Reading, and English teacher for 2nd-5th grade students. Adi is skilled at using various teaching methods to help students understand the material being taught and goes above and beyond to ensure their comprehension. In her free time, Adi is an avid baseball fan and loves to share her enthusiasm for the Chicago Cubs with her students. One of Adi’s passions is making reading enjoyable for young people and inspiring them to discover the joy and liberation it can bring.

Jenn Slaughenhoupt - High School

Jenn is a highly qualified educator who graduated from Hyles-Anderson College with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. As our full-time high school teacher, Jenn will also be instructing a speech class for students in grades 7th-12th, as well as serving as our drama instructor. Jenn is a proud mother of four children and enjoys wearing and selling makeup in her free time. With previous experience as a substitute teacher at CCA, as well as teaching life skills and participating in the lunch program, Jenn is a valuable addition to our team. Her passion and energy will bring the classroom to life and engage high school students in their learning.

Laura York - Science and History, 2nd-5th Grade

Laura is a highly skilled teacher who specializes in History, Science, and Spelling for 2nd-5th grade students. She earned her degree at Hyles-Anderson College where she met and married Robert York, the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Streetsboro. Laura previously taught 5th grade at CCA during the 2015-2016 school year and is now returning as a full-time teacher. Throughout her career, she has also taught Sunday school classes of all ages and served as a substitute teacher at CCA. As a mother of seven children and a devoted wife, Laura brings a wealth of life experience to the classroom. We are thrilled to welcome her back and are eager for her students to experience the enthusiasm and excitement for learning that she brings.

Shelly Everly - K4-1st Grade

Shelly is a dedicated and experienced educator who has been teaching for 18 years, 6 of which have been at CCA. She is the K4/K5 and 1st grade teacher and has been instrumental in inspiring a love of learning in her students. Her passion and commitment to education is reflected in the strong bond she forms with her students, who always speak highly of her. Despite her demanding schedule, Shelly balances her responsibilities at CCA with those at the Avenue of Aurora, where she works until midnight most nights. She is a true testament to hard work and unwavering commitment, and we are grateful for her contributions to CCA. We look forward to seeing her bring her fun and innovative teaching methods to the Kindergarteners and 1st grade students in the coming year.